Who We Are

Starview Brews is the brand name of the Dakota brewery, which is going to be located at 224 Locust St, in Columbia Pa. Mike Knaub the founder is not new to the brewing scene. He had a contract brewing company in the 90’s called Starview Brewing Company, that made the Chickies Rock Cream Ale. The brewery will be the second one to be located in Columbia Pa since 2014, which is Columbia Kettle works. South central Pa is becoming quite an attraction for craft brewery lovers. Starview Brews are going to be themed around the local history of the Rivertowns around the Susquehanna River between York Haven and Columbia Pa. Mike Knaub the founder is a bit of a history buff and enjoys learning about the local towns around the river and how things were years ago. The Rivertowns of Wrightsville, Columbia and Marietta were quite thriving back in the 1800’s. There were many furnaces in operation, a major transport system with the canals and the trains, local breweries and a lot of different industries. Columbia was even considered for being the capital of the U.S. back in the early 1800’s. Thank goodness that didn’t happen because it would be a much different place today if that happened.

                The old historic pictures you see used here show a glimpse of what was years ago. Starview is thankful for Carl Peters of Wrightsville for sharing parts of his rare collection. Carl has done an excellent job of helping to preserve these photos, so that we may enjoy the glimpses of looking back at our local history.

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