The Long Level Lager

The Long Level Lager ™, is a Dortmunder style of an easy drinking German Lager. This beer is one of the smoothest and easy drinking beers made. It has a good grain malt flavor with just a subtle bitterness to balance. This was his son Dakota’s favorite beer that he made.  These are the kind of beers enjoyed as an everyday beer in Germany. Real all malt Lagers, very good thirst quenching beers.

English and American Barleywine

English and American Barleywine, Mike brews both versions. He first tasted a Thomas Hardy’s Ale back around 1993 and was introduced to a very unique and complex tasting beer. It has good Port wine and sherry like flavors with a full robust body balanced by the alcohol content. This style ages very well in a bottle and can be stored like a wine for years in the cellar. The English version Mike makes comes in around 11.2% and is well worth aging.  The American style version is made to resemble Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot ale. It has a much larger addition of American bittering, flavor and aroma hops added to it compared to the English version. This was the beer that won Mike 3rd place in 1995 at the American Homebrewers conference in Baltimore Md. The American style comes in at around 10.2%.

Traditional German Hefe Weissen

Traditional German Hefe Weissen wheat beer. These are thirst quenching enjoyable beers usually brewed to be drank in the summer, but can be refreshing any time of the year. As the name suggests wheat beers use a portion of wheat to the pilsner malt, usually around a 50/50 mix. The German wheat yeast is a key to producing the typical banana and clove flavors associated with the style. This is also a warm fermented ale yeast that by tweaking the fermentation temperature can produce a hefe that has more clove or banana, or a balance right in the middle. These beers are cloudy as they are served with the yeast in suspension yet. People tend to either love or loathe the flavor, Mike personally really enjoys them.

Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout, is a very full bodied and flavorful beer. This style was originally brewed for the Russian Czars back in the 1800’s by English brewers. The classic Samuel Smith’s Russian Imperial Stout is the recipe Mike has patterned his Stout on. It comes in around 7.8% with loads of flavor. Mike uses some Lactose and dark molasses to help bring out some more body and flavor in the beer.


Doppelbock is a very malty beer of considerable strength. Originally brewed by German Monks for the Lenten season, these beers were what the Monks drank during their Lenten fast. These beers gets their color which is usually a ruby red to dark brown in color mostly from Munich Malts. Mike uses a blend of Pilsner, Light and dark Munich as well as a touch of black malt for the grain bill. A very satisfying sipping beer that has a full malty taste. Goes very well with Prime Rib or a good steak.


Roggen is a German Rye style of wheat beer. Mainly it’s a wheat beer that uses a portion of Rye in the grain bill to make a unique spicy Rye taste added to the wheat. Great beer to have with a Reuben sandwich as the flavor of the Rye bread goes well with the Spicy Rye flavors of the Roggen beer. This is like the wheat in that is uses a wheat yeast and is also served with the cloudy yeast mixed in with the beer. The yeast is actually good for you, ever hear of brewers yeast that is sold in the health food stores?

Amber IPA

Amber IPA is what Mike 1st brewed back in 1993, when he set out to produce his version of the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. This is what he refers to as a well balanced IPA. Back in 1993 most people had no idea what an IPA was. Mike wanted to produce a high bitterness and hop flavor, but wanted it in the right balance to the malt, so as not to be to dry. His version comes in at 5.7% alc, so not real high for an IPA, but loads of flavor. This beer relies on the classic Cascade hop for its hop flavors and aromas. The right amount of malt and caramalt balance out that bitterness. The flavors of this beer satisfy any IPA drinker but also surprises those that usually do not like IPA’s because of the malt keeping the hops from getting to dry of a finish.

English Brown Porter

The English Brown Porter is a recipe Mike got from a homebrewing friend that is an exceptionally smooth easy drinking beer without too much roasted malt flavors as you get from some other Porters. It’s only 4.2% alcohol but has a very good brown malt flavor. The Brown malt is the key to producing this Porter.

Chickes Rock Cream Ale

The Chickes Rock Cream Ale will be brewed again. Cream Ale owes it heritage to the days back in the 1800’s when Lagers were first being made here in the States. Not all the brewers back then were able to get this new coveted yeast that was necessary to make a cold fermented Lager beer. Lagers were becoming the rage because of their smoother tastes that came from cold fermentation and cold storage, or “lagering” of the beer. Some brewers came up with a recipe like the Lagers but used their ale yeast to ferment the Cream Ale. They then cold conditioned the beer to smooth out some of the warm fermentation characteristics. These beers usually used a corn addition in the recipe of less than 25% as a lot of the American styles did. Starview Brews uses around 18% corn in the mash to help produce a pre prohibition style Cream Ale.

Dusseldorf Alt

Dusseldorf Alt style beer is a unique beer that has an assertive bitterness and is an amber to dark brown colored beer. This is one of the few true ales that are brewed in Germany, it has a nice hop bitterness but not hop flavor. Alt refers to old in german, as in the old style of ales before Lagers were brewed. The beer shares a similarity to the Cream Ale as it is warm fermented as an ale followed by a cold lager conditioning of the beer. The dark malt flavors balance the bitterness well but the yeast helps to contribute a flavor in this beer as well. The german ale yeast strain used in this beer produces a true “pancake” on top of the beer. A very enjoyable tasting beer.

German style Dunkel

German style Dunkel is a darker brown version of the Munich Helles style. The darker Munich malts along with some caramalts contribute to give a sweeter and lightly toasted type malt flavors with some caramel malt flavors in this beer. Very smooth and easy drinking, this is a very good and flavorful beer. I’ve heard many a people say they don’t usually like a dark beer, I say do not judge a beer by its color, taste it first!

Czech style Pislner

Czech style Pislner is one of Mike’s favorite beers. This beer has a bit more hop bitterness and hop flavor, than the Dortmunder style. The unique hop flavor comes from the delicately mild and spicy Czech Saaz hops. It also has a mild pils malt grain flavor that blends well with the Saaz hop taste. The Czech hops are more expensive and harder to find, but well worth it in the finished flavor of the beer.